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Rising from the illness

Sep 27, 2021

This week, Cat talks to Artist Jon (also known as @Ipaintbottoms on instagram) about an exciting new charity project they are working on.

Jon opens up about how challenging life has been since he contracted Covid / long Covid and explains how he uses art as a form of therapy and escape. 

As always, Cat shares the weekly...

Sep 20, 2021

In this weeks episode, Cat talks about Apheresis awareness day (21st sept) She opens up about her experience with Apheresis and how it has changed her life. 

To find out more about Apheresis Awareness Day and the American society for Apheresis (ASFA,) you can follow the link below:

As always,...

Sep 13, 2021

In this weeks episode, Cat answers some of your Instagram questions and opens up about a recent incident that really upset her. 

As always, Cat shares the weekly wins, funny story and continues to open up about her life living with a chronic illness. 

Sep 6, 2021

In this weeks episode, Cat is joined by Ellis Michaels as he opens up about his long battle with behcets disease. He also talks about his book "Finding happiness through pain and embarrassment, my life with behcets disease - A memoir. 

You can find Ellis Michaels here: 

Twitter / Instagram: Ellismichaels9