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Rising from the illness

Feb 7, 2022

Oct 18, 2021

In this weeks episode,  Elinor opens up to Cat about her struggles with accepting help from mobility aids and explains how much it has changed her life since she has started using them! 

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Oct 11, 2021

In this weeks episode,  Maxwell Feinstein opens up about his life living with Hemophilia and explains how he has used song writing as an outlet to tell his story. Maxwell goes into the meaning behind his new song "Dear Anxious" and explains how he has written a whole album around his experience so far. 

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Oct 4, 2021

In this weeks episode, Cat talks to Sharon who is an FT carer for her daughter and a huge Down Syndrome Advocate. She has also recently embarked on her spiritual journey during a reflective period in the pandemic and opens up about her love of helping others find their way.

As always, Cat shares the weekly wins, funny...